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Team CHI-68% LVR-4% BUF-91% ATL-60% CAR-64% NYJ-19% PHI-88% PIT-22% TB-69% TEN-9% LAC-84% LAR-25% MIN-43% CLE-15% BYE-50% SEA-41% MNF
DET-32% DAL-96% NO-9% JAX-40% MIA-36% HOU-81% NYG-12% CIN-78% INDY-31% NE-91% DEN-16% GB-75% SF-57% BALT-85% BYE-50% WAS-59%
Average Points Wagered 8.4/4.1 4.3/13.3 11.8/5.4 7.4/4.2 7.4/7.1 5.3/7.3 11.2/8.4 7.1/9.8 10.7/6.4 7.4/12.0 10.0/7.9 6.6/8.0 7.2/8.8 6.8/11.3 1.0/1.0 6.3/6.1
CHI-14 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-4 MIA-6 HOU-2 PHI-10 CIN-3 TB-13 NE-12 LAC-11 LAR-7 SF-8 BALT-9 BYE-1 SEA-5 44 SEA
All Star
DET-2 DAL-3 NO-4 ATL-16 MIA-5 HOU-8 PHI-9 CIN-6 TB-15 NE-10 LAC-14 LAR-11 SF-7 BALT-12 BYE-1 SEA-13 48 SEA
Ando's Army
DET-2 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-8 MIA-7 HOU-9 PHI-12 CIN-11 INDY-5 NE-14 LAC-10 GB-3 MIN-4 BALT-13 BYE-1 WAS-6 48 WAS
Arrogant Electricians
CHI-8 DAL-15 BUF-16 JAX-3 MIA-4 HOU-7 PHI-14 CIN-12 TB-10 NE-13 LAC-6 GB-2 SF-11 BALT-9 BYE-1 SEA-5 47 SEA
ATM Machine
CHI-15 DAL-16 BUF-14 JAX-2 CAR-13 HOU-3 PHI-11 CIN-10 INDY-4 NE-9 LAC-12 GB-5 SF-8 BALT-6 BYE-1 SEA-7 37 SEA
CHI-5 DAL-6 BUF-14 ATL-10 CAR-12 HOU-9 PHI-8 CIN-13 TB-7 NE-16 LAC-11 LAR-4 SF-3 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-2 47 WAS
Baytown Bombers
CHI-4 DAL-16 BUF-15 JAX-3 CAR-6 HOU-8 PHI-11 CIN-12 TB-9 NE-14 LAC-10 GB-7 MIN-2 BALT-13 BYE-1 SEA-5 41 SEA
CHI-14 DAL-15 BUF-10 JAX-5 CAR-6 NYJ-2 NYG-3 CIN-12 TB-13 NE-16 LAC-11 GB-4 SF-7 BALT-9 BYE-1 WAS-8 49 WAS
CHI-14 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-3 CAR-4 HOU-5 PHI-8 CIN-10 TB-7 NE-13 LAC-6 LAR-2 SF-9 BALT-11 BYE-1 SEA-12 48 SEA
Big Bird
CHI-16 DAL-15 NO-14 ATL-7 CAR-13 HOU-3 PHI-6 PIT-9 TB-10 TEN-11 DEN-4 GB-5 MIN-12 CLE-2 BYE-1 SEA-8 64 SEA
Big D Squad
CHI-9 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-7 CAR-6 HOU-11 PHI-13 CIN-10 INDY-3 NE-14 LAC-2 LAR-5 SF-12 BALT-8 BYE-1 WAS-4 45 WAS
Big Red Machine
CHI-2 LVR-6 BUF-10 JAX-7 CAR-5 HOU-12 PHI-16 CIN-11 INDY-9 NE-14 DEN-4 GB-15 SF-8 BALT-13 BYE-1 SEA-3 46 SEA
Bouncing TD's
DET-2 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-10 MIA-9 HOU-11 NYG-3 CIN-12 TB-8 NE-14 LAC-13 GB-4 MIN-5 CLE-6 BYE-1 SEA-7 58 SEA
CHI-8 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-6 CAR-4 HOU-5 PHI-11 CIN-13 TB-9 NE-15 LAC-7 LAR-2 SF-10 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-3 46 WAS
Brian's Angels
CHI-2 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-4 CAR-3 HOU-5 PHI-11 CIN-13 TB-12 NE-15 LAC-10 GB-7 SF-9 BALT-8 BYE-1 WAS-6 47 WAS
Child Please
DET-2 DAL-12 BUF-10 JAX-3 MIA-6 NYJ-5 PHI-16 CIN-15 TB-14 NE-13 DEN-4 LAR-11 MIN-9 CLE-7 BYE-1 WAS-8 47 WAS
DET-3 DAL-15 NO-5 JAX-6 MIA-10 HOU-14 NYG-12 CIN-16 INDY-4 NE-9 DEN-8 GB-13 SF-11 BALT-7 BYE-1 WAS-2 55 WAS
D Stew's Crew
CHI-16 DAL-15 BUF-14 JAX-12 MIA-11 HOU-10 PHI-9 CIN-8 INDY-7 NE-13 LAC-6 GB-5 MIN-4 CLE-3 BYE-1 SEA-2 44 SEA
CHI-7 DAL-16 BUF-13 ATL-9 CAR-5 HOU-3 PHI-12 CIN-14 TB-10 NE-15 LAC-11 LAR-6 SF-4 BALT-8 BYE-1 WAS-2 41 WAS
DET-4 DAL-16 BUF-8 ATL-6 MIA-11 HOU-12 PHI-15 PIT-14 TB-5 NE-2 LAC-3 GB-9 SF-13 BALT-7 BYE-1 SEA-10 44 SEA
Diggs in a blanket
CHI-10 DAL-15 BUF-12 JAX-5 MIA-9 HOU-2 PHI-11 CIN-6 INDY-3 NE-4 LAC-13 GB-14 MIN-7 BALT-16 BYE-1 WAS-8 48 SEA
Dirty Deeds
DET-5 LVR-3 BUF-16 JAX-6 CAR-8 HOU-7 PHI-12 CIN-13 TB-10 NE-15 LAC-14 LAR-9 MIN-4 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-2 45 WAS
Dr. Leo Marvin
CHI-14 DAL-15 BUF-16 ATL-11 MIA-9 HOU-2 PHI-10 PIT-7 INDY-4 NE-3 LAC-8 GB-6 MIN-13 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-5 33 WAS
CHI-13 DAL-14 BUF-15 ATL-16 MIA-2 HOU-3 PHI-4 CIN-6 INDY-5 NE-7 DEN-8 GB-9 MIN-10 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-12 44 WAS
Feets Locker
DET-4 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-3 CAR-5 HOU-6 PHI-12 CIN-7 TB-13 NE-14 LAC-8 GB-9 SF-11 BALT-10 BYE-1 WAS-2 41 WAS
CHI-6 DAL-8 BUF-7 JAX-4 CAR-9 HOU-12 PHI-13 CIN-11 TB-14 NE-16 LAC-10 GB-5 MIN-3 BALT-15 BYE-1 SEA-2 44 SEA
Grilla's Gorillas
CHI-8 DAL-15 BUF-16 JAX-3 MIA-4 HOU-7 PHI-14 CIN-12 TB-10 NE-13 LAC-6 GB-2 SF-11 BALT-9 BYE-1 SEA-5 47 SEA
Gruesome Twosome
CHI-5 DAL-10 BUF-9 JAX-2 CAR-15 HOU-16 PHI-7 PIT-3 TB-13 NE-14 DEN-12 LAR-11 MIN-6 BALT-4 BYE-1 SEA-8 48 SEA
CHI-6 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-4 CAR-7 HOU-8 PHI-14 CIN-5 TB-11 NE-12 LAC-10 GB-3 SF-9 BALT-13 BYE-1 WAS-2 51 SEA
CHI-4 DAL-3 BUF-5 ATL-7 MIA-8 HOU-9 PHI-14 PIT-10 TB-15 NE-16 DEN-6 GB-13 MIN-12 BALT-11 BYE-1 SEA-2 45 SEA
CHI-15 DAL-14 BUF-12 JAX-2 CAR-6 NYJ-3 PHI-16 CIN-8 TB-11 NE-13 DEN-4 GB-7 SF-9 BALT-10 BYE-1 WAS-5 41 WAS
DET-3 DAL-16 BUF-15 JAX-2 CAR-6 HOU-7 NYG-14 CIN-9 TB-10 NE-13 LAC-12 GB-11 SF-8 CLE-4 BYE-1 SEA-5 45 SEA
Jump Around
DET-2 DAL-9 BUF-14 JAX-3 CAR-4 HOU-5 PHI-16 CIN-12 INDY-11 NE-10 LAC-7 GB-6 SF-13 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-8 44 WAS
CHI-10 DAL-16 BUF-11 ATL-6 CAR-12 HOU-4 PHI-14 CIN-9 TB-7 NE-8 LAC-13 GB-5 MIN-3 BALT-15 BYE-1 SEA-2 45 SEA
Lambeau 1
CHI-5 DAL-6 BUF-10 ATL-9 CAR-3 HOU-7 PHI-15 PIT-2 INDY-11 NE-16 LAC-14 GB-13 MIN-4 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-8 47 WAS
Lambeau 2
CHI-9 DAL-7 BUF-13 ATL-11 CAR-2 HOU-10 PHI-8 PIT-3 TB-16 TEN-15 LAC-4 GB-12 MIN-6 BALT-5 BYE-1 WAS-14 44 WAS
CHI-3 DAL-10 BUF-9 ATL-11 CAR-4 HOU-5 PHI-14 CIN-6 INDY-7 NE-16 LAC-13 GB-2 MIN-8 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-15 49 WAS
London Lemon
DET-2 DAL-11 BUF-7 ATL-8 MIA-3 NYJ-4 PHI-5 CIN-6 TB-15 NE-13 LAC-16 GB-14 SF-9 CLE-12 BYE-1 WAS-10 50 WAS
DET-16 DAL-15 BUF-14 ATL-2 MIA-3 HOU-4 PHI-5 PIT-6 INDY-7 NE-8 DEN-9 GB-10 MIN-11 CLE-12 BYE-1 WAS-13 38 WAS
Miss Laura
CHI-13 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-4 CAR-5 HOU-6 PHI-10 CIN-12 TB-9 NE-15 LAC-8 GB-3 SF-7 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-2 46 WAS
DET-6 DAL-4 BUF-2 ATL-13 CAR-14 HOU-12 NYG-5 CIN-15 TB-9 NE-3 LAC-7 GB-10 SF-11 BALT-16 BYE-1 SEA-8 46 SEA
CHI-2 DAL-7 BUF-4 JAX-8 MIA-3 HOU-6 NYG-9 PIT-5 TB-16 NE-15 DEN-13 GB-10 SF-12 BALT-14 BYE-1 WAS-11 43 WAS
Murphy's Law
DET-5 DAL-14 BUF-12 JAX-6 MIA-4 NYJ-2 PHI-16 CIN-15 TB-7 NE-13 LAC-9 GB-8 SF-11 BALT-10 BYE-1 WAS-3 48 WAS
DET-5 DAL-16 BUF-7 JAX-2 CAR-14 HOU-3 PHI-6 CIN-4 TB-10 NE-15 LAC-13 LAR-11 MIN-9 CLE-8 BYE-1 SEA-12 45 SEA
DET-5 DAL-7 BUF-16 ATL-8 CAR-11 HOU-2 PHI-13 CIN-9 INDY-3 NE-15 LAC-14 LAR-10 MIN-6 BALT-12 BYE-1 SEA-4 47 SEA
DET-5 DAL-16 BUF-15 ATL-7 CAR-9 HOU-4 PHI-8 CIN-13 INDY-2 NE-14 LAC-10 GB-3 MIN-6 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-11 36 WAS
DET-3 DAL-16 BUF-15 JAX-2 CAR-6 HOU-7 NYG-14 CIN-9 TB-10 NE-13 LAC-12 GB-11 SF-8 CLE-4 BYE-1 SEA-5 45 SEA
CHI-4 DAL-16 BUF-13 ATL-6 CAR-7 HOU-10 PHI-11 CIN-12 TB-5 NE-15 LAC-9 GB-14 MIN-2 CLE-3 BYE-1 SEA-8 46 SEA
Park City Players
DET-12 DAL-16 NO-6 ATL-3 CAR-4 HOU-2 NYG-5 CIN-8 INDY-15 NE-14 LAC-10 GB-13 SF-11 BALT-9 BYE-1 WAS-7 47 WAS
CHI-6 DAL-16 BUF-15 JAX-2 MIA-3 HOU-5 PHI-7 CIN-12 TB-13 NE-14 LAC-8 GB-9 SF-10 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-4 45 WAS
CHI-2 DAL-11 BUF-5 ATL-7 MIA-8 NYJ-6 PHI-16 CIN-9 TB-10 NE-3 LAC-13 GB-12 SF-14 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-4 41 WAS
CHI-15 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-5 CAR-6 NYJ-13 PHI-11 PIT-12 TB-10 NE-2 LAC-9 LAR-3 SF-8 BALT-7 BYE-1 SEA-4 42 SEA
Rader Bros
CHI-11 DAL-12 BUF-13 ATL-9 CAR-7 NYJ-6 PHI-14 PIT-4 TB-16 TEN-5 LAC-8 GB-2 SF-10 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-3 42 WAS
Rebecca Wilcox
DET-2 LVR-4 BUF-3 ATL-16 CAR-15 NYJ-9 PHI-10 CIN-8 INDY-5 NE-13 LAC-11 LAR-6 SF-12 CLE-14 BYE-1 SEA-7 41 SEA
CHI-6 DAL-14 BUF-13 JAX-4 MIA-10 HOU-9 PHI-12 PIT-5 TB-16 NE-15 DEN-11 LAR-2 MIN-3 CLE-7 BYE-1 WAS-8 50 WAS
DET-2 DAL-10 BUF-5 JAX-3 MIA-6 HOU-12 PHI-14 CIN-9 TB-8 NE-7 LAC-11 GB-13 SF-15 BALT-16 BYE-1 WAS-4 45 WAS
DET-2 DAL-3 NO-4 ATL-5 CAR-6 HOU-7 NYG-8 CIN-9 INDY-10 TEN-11 LAC-12 GB-13 MIN-14 BALT-15 BYE-1 SEA-16 44 SEA
Semper Fi
CHI-3 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-8 CAR-5 HOU-9 PHI-13 CIN-12 TB-2 NE-15 LAC-6 LAR-4 SF-10 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-7 46 WAS
DET-2 DAL-15 BUF-14 JAX-4 MIA-13 HOU-6 PHI-16 PIT-8 INDY-10 NE-11 LAC-12 GB-9 SF-5 BALT-7 BYE-1 SEA-3 34 WAS
Shining Force
CHI-4 DAL-10 NO-2 ATL-11 CAR-9 HOU-6 PHI-14 CIN-12 INDY-5 TEN-3 DEN-13 GB-16 MIN-7 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-8 42 WAS
Show Me Ur T'Ds
CHI-16 DAL-15 BUF-14 ATL-9 CAR-6 HOU-13 PHI-8 CIN-4 INDY-3 NE-7 LAC-12 GB-2 MIN-5 BALT-11 BYE-1 SEA-10 45 WAS
Spanish Jeans
CHI-2 DAL-13 BUF-12 JAX-3 MIA-5 NYJ-8 PHI-9 CIN-7 INDY-6 NE-14 LAC-10 GB-15 SF-16 BALT-11 BYE-1 SEA-4 45 SEA
CHI-16 DAL-15 BUF-10 ATL-3 CAR-4 HOU-7 PHI-2 PIT-6 TB-13 NE-8 LAC-12 GB-11 MIN-9 BALT-14 BYE-1 WAS-5 48 WAS
CHI-7 DAL-16 BUF-8 JAX-2 MIA-13 HOU-11 PHI-15 CIN-12 TB-9 NE-6 LAC-14 GB-10 MIN-3 BALT-4 BYE-1 WAS-5 40 WAS
CHI-11 DAL-12 BUF-13 JAX-4 CAR-10 NYJ-2 PHI-8 PIT-3 TB-16 NE-9 LAC-15 LAR-5 SF-7 BALT-14 BYE-1 SEA-6 42 SEA
CHI-16 DAL-15 BUF-14 ATL-13 MIA-12 HOU-11 PHI-10 CIN-9 TB-8 NE-7 LAC-6 GB-5 SF-4 BALT-3 BYE-1 WAS-2 44 WAS
DET-2 DAL-16 BUF-12 JAX-4 CAR-3 HOU-14 PHI-13 CIN-8 TB-6 NE-15 DEN-7 GB-11 MIN-9 BALT-10 BYE-1 WAS-5 45 WAS
CHI-2 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-10 MIA-11 HOU-15 PHI-12 CIN-7 INDY-5 NE-6 LAC-8 LAR-13 MIN-9 BALT-4 BYE-1 SEA-3 45 SEA
Team Clommy
CHI-7 DAL-13 BUF-14 ATL-6 CAR-9 HOU-5 PHI-10 CIN-2 TB-11 NE-4 LAC-12 LAR-3 MIN-15 BALT-16 BYE-1 WAS-8 57 WAS
CHI-16 DAL-15 BUF-14 ATL-6 CAR-5 NYJ-4 PHI-10 CIN-11 TB-7 NE-13 LAC-3 GB-9 SF-8 BALT-12 BYE-1 SEA-2 45 SEA
The Big Three
CHI-5 DAL-16 BUF-15 JAX-2 CAR-6 HOU-3 PHI-9 CIN-12 TB-4 NE-14 LAC-8 LAR-7 MIN-11 BALT-13 BYE-1 WAS-10 45 WAS
The Rewind Sports :60 Roku Team
CHI-2 DAL-16 NO-3 JAX-5 CAR-7 NYJ-9 NYG-11 PIT-13 TB-14 NE-12 LAC-10 GB-8 SF-6 BALT-15 BYE-1 SEA-4 48 SEA
CHI-7 DAL-16 BUF-10 JAX-9 MIA-5 HOU-15 PHI-11 CIN-4 TB-13 NE-14 LAC-8 GB-6 SF-3 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-2 45 WAS
CHI-4 DAL-9 BUF-3 ATL-5 CAR-8 HOU-2 PHI-15 CIN-14 TB-13 NE-16 LAC-11 GB-7 SF-6 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-10 52 WAS
DET-4 DAL-12 BUF-6 ATL-5 CAR-11 HOU-2 PHI-8 CIN-10 INDY-14 NE-15 LAC-13 GB-3 MIN-7 BALT-16 BYE-1 WAS-9 47 WAS
CHI-5 DAL-16 BUF-14 ATL-7 CAR-6 HOU-9 PHI-13 CIN-11 TB-8 NE-15 LAC-10 GB-2 SF-4 BALT-12 BYE-1 WAS-3 42 WAS
DET-4 DAL-15 BUF-7 ATL-6 CAR-9 NYJ-5 PHI-12 CIN-8 TB-14 TEN-2 LAC-13 GB-10 MIN-11 BALT-16 BYE-1 WAS-3 45 WAS
CHI-16 DAL-9 BUF-10 ATL-5 CAR-6 NYJ-2 PHI-7 CIN-8 INDY-3 NE-15 LAC-13 GB-4 SF-11 BALT-14 BYE-1 SEA-12 42 #N/A
CHI-8 DAL-16 BUF-13 JAX-6 CAR-9 HOU-2 PHI-12 CIN-14 TB-10 NE-15 LAC-3 GB-7 MIN-4 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-5 41 SEA
You had me at Meat Tornado
CHI-6 DAL-12 BUF-11 ATL-2 CAR-8 HOU-9 PHI-10 PIT-3 TB-13 NE-16 LAC-14 GB-7 SF-4 BALT-15 BYE-1 WAS-5 40 WAS
CHI-10 DAL-16 BUF-9 ATL-8 MIA-7 HOU-6 PHI-14 PIT-15 TB-13 TEN-5 LAC-12 GB-4 SF-3 BALT-11 BYE-1 WAS-2 46 SEA