Pick Submission Deadline

Now that the NFL has scheduled a Thursday game for all 17 weeks there are two pick submission deadlines each week. All picks must be submitted 15 minutes before kickoff of the Thursday games. You have until 15 minutes before kickoff of the remaining games to make any changes to your picks. Most weeks this deadline is 11:45am Central on Sunday. However, when there are early morning London games or Saturday games the deadlines may vary and will be annouced when we get to those weeks.



Forgetting to Submit Picks

If you should forget to submit picks for the week you will still receive points. If you do not enter any picks for the week you will receive 5 pts lower than the lowest score for the week.

If your Thursday pick is not in by the deadline you will automatically be given the home team for 1 point.


Object of Game

Each week you try to choose the winner of all the NFL scheduled games. You assign point values 16 down to 1 to each game. The more confident you are in the winner of the game the higher number of points you would assign. You receive points based on your picks each week. In addition you will need to enter your prediction for the TOTAL points scored by both teams during the Monday Night Game.

You will ALWAYS have a 16 point game regardless of the number of games played. If there are only 13 games, number the games from 16 down to 3. Everyone will receive points for the 1 and 2 point "bye games".



You receive points when you choose the correct winner of a game. The amount of points you receive is equal to the rank you have assigned to that game.  In the event of a tie, all players will be credited with 1/2 of the points placed on the game.

You will also receive bonus points for each of the following:

• Record Bonus - 
For each game your record is over .500 you will receive a 1 point bonus. For example if there are 14 games and you go 9-5 for the week you would receive 2 bonus points. Since 7-7 would be .500 and your record is 2 better than .500. In weeks with an odd number of games for example 15 games. 1 bonus point would be awarded for an 8-7 record, 2 for 9-6 etc.

• Monday Night Score Bonus - 
In addition to selecting the winners of all the week's games, you will also give your guess for total points scored by both teams during the Monday Night Game. If you guess the correct total you will receive 5 bonus points. If you are within 5 of the total you will receive 2 bonus points. And if you are within 10 points of the correct total you will receive 1 bonus points. 

These points are added up for all of that week's games to get your weekly score. All the weekly scores are added up at the end of season to determine the yearend winners.




Roughly one half of the total prize money will be paid to the weekly winners and the other half to the yearend cumulative winners.

Each week prizes will be award to the 1st and 2nd place finishers. The 1st place finisher will receive 64% of the weekly prize money and the 2nd place finisher 36%. In the event of a tie the prize-money will be split evenly.

Actual prizes will be determined once all members have joined and all money is received.